About CoronaFriend

CoronaFriend was conceived in a rushed conversation while desperately trying to catch one of the few remaining flights home to the UK as lockdown gripped Europe. As the realisation of the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic sank in around the world, Orla Shields (CEO of Kamma) and Phil Hewinson (CEO of Would You Rather Be) happened to meet and start a conversation on what could be done quickly to help the situation.

Inspired by Becky Wass from Cornwall who dropped leaflets through her neighbours’ doors offering help to anyone struggling to cope with self-isolation, the idea to create a nationwide network of support arose.

Leveraging Kamma’s tech team, experts in geospatial mapping, Gary Gale (CTO of Kamma) rolled up his sleeves and spearheaded the build, supported by collaborators from various companies volunteering their expertise. Debbie Semple (owner of Orange Doodle) lent her support as a designer, creating the logo, designing the leaflet and creating the look and feel of the project. The CoronaFriend project was supported with free access to mapping data from Ordnance Survey and with the generous support of the AWS COVID-19 Disaster Response Support Program to allow the tech to be hosted.

Building CoronaFriend has brought together diverse people with varying expertise to build something from scratch, to help the UK in the current crisis. Together, we can ensure that everyone in the UK has the support that they need, until we can overcome coronavirus!

Connect your street, support your neighbour!

CoronaFriend Individual Contributors