Connect Your Street, Support Your Neighbour!

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is causing worry and anxiety for everyone in the UK, but particularly those in at risk groups including the elderly and those with health issues.

The CoronaFriend project has been launched to help people offer support to their neighbours and ensure that nobody is left isolated.

Take responsibility for a street or area in your neighbourhood and distribute CoronaFriend postcards to ensure anyone who needs help knows it’s available.
Even if you’ve already leafleted your street, make sure you mark your street on the map so we know it’s been covered.

Step One

Find your street on the map!

Either zoom in to where you live, search for your postcode, or hit the (Show me where I am) button.

Click your road, enter the details and hit the Update button,

Street Link -
Current Status -
Please tell us something about this update
Updated! Thanks for your help!
Notes already submitted

Step Two

Download the CoronaFriend leaflet and print enough to cover your street!

Download in colour


CoronaFriend Postcard

Download in black & white

Download Black & White

CoronaFriend Postcard Black & White

Step Three

Drop the CoronaFriend leaflets through your neighbours' doors!

Thank you for being a CoronaFriend and helping us to ensure that nobody is left isolated by Coronavirus!